New Husqvarna K760 MKII Concrete Saw

The popular Husqvarna K760 concrete saw has just been upgraded with a whole new range of features and benefits.  The new Husqvarna K760 MKII is more powerful, efficient, comfortable and reliable than the old model.

New and improved features of the Husqvarna K760 MKII include:

  1. Lighter, better designed magnesium blade guard.
  2. Precise, easily adjustable water valve.
  3. Digital ignition, improving acceleration and throttle response.
  4. A protected water hose, housed in a new guard.
  5. More heat resistant rear belt cover
  6. Better ventilation and dust protection
  7. New optimised cylinder design reducing emissions by 15%.

The K760 MKII has a RRP of $1498.75.

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