Husqvarna launches new, more powerful robotic mower

Husqvarna is proud to announce the launch of its new robotic mower the 265ACX.  This Husqvarna Automower has been designed to mow up to 6,000m2 and is ideal for use in large areas like resorts, public parks, schools and sporting fields.  Consumers with large properties and maintained acreage will also be able to install this mower.

The Husqvarna 265ACX robotic mower has been equipped with the latest technology available including:

  1. A unique cutting system with ultrasonic sensors
  2. Reliable GPS service with the possibility to access the mower remotely via an iPhone application
  3. Ability to mow slopes up to 35%
  4. Anti-theft alarm

This mower is supplied with a bonus start up kit which includes 500m of loop wire, 200 plastic cramps and 4 wire split connectors.

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