Husqvarna's new top handle chainsaw arrives in Australia

It has been a long wait but we can assure you it’s been worth it.  Husqvarna’s first shipment of the new T540XP top handle chainsaw is finally here and our customers are raving about this new chainsaw.

The Husqvarna T540XP chainsaw has been redesigned to ensure it is a world-class professional arborist chainsaw.  The chainsaw competes directly with Stihl’s MS201T chainsaw. The Husqvarna T540XP has a power output of 1.8kw, identical to that of Stihl’s MS201T, but has a larger cylinder displacement of 37.7cc and weighs only 3.7kg.

The Husqvarna T540XP comes standard with a 12″ Techlite, lightweight cutting bar which is 20% lighter and 25% stiffer than a conventional laminate bar.  This model has all the features of the new range of Husqvarna chainsaws including, Auto Tune (automatic tuning to compensate for temperature, humidity and fuel type) and X-torq (higher torq with lower fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions).

The chainsaw is well-balanced and compact and features a very efficient steel spring anti-vibration system.  The T540XP is also supplied with three different grip sizes to ensure the chainsaw fits comfortably in your hand. The honeycombed chain brake guard provides an excellent view of the tip of the chainsaw’s bar and improved control when operating the chainsaw.  An extra eyelet located in the rear of the chainsaw means it can be attached to a harness for easier climbing and handling while up a tree.  The convenient flip-up fuel tank cap makes for fast, easy refuelling.  The magnesium crankcase is lightweight and durable. The Husqvarna T540XP also has captive bar nuts and a side mounted chain tensioner.

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This video runs through all the features of the Husqvarna T540XP and will showcase the chainsaw in action. This video also compares the cutting speed of the T540XP compared to one of Husqvarna’s other top handle cutting saws, the T435. We hope you enjoy this video.


This video will run through how to maintain your Husqvarna T540XP chainsaw, and go through the procedure of starting your saw for both hot and cold start-ups. We hope you enjoy this video.








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