Preparing your lawn mower for summer

As we come out of winter and into summer you most likely need to get your lawn mower into proper working condition. In a few simple steps you can change the oil, replace the spark plug, blades and air filter and have your lawn mower prepared for mowing.

First you will need to remove the spark plug from your mower for safety reasons when servicing your mower. This requires you to remove the ht cap and using a deep socket turn the spark plug anti-clockwise until removed.

Secondly you will need to either clean or replace the air filter. Simply unscrew the bolt holding the air filter cover on. Remove the cover. Paper filters need to be blown out, whilst foam filters need to be washed out with warm soapy water. Re-fit the clean air filter, replace the cover and tighten the bolt back up.

Thirdly you require changing the blades. Tip the machine up so the handles are on the ground. Turn the centre bolt anti-clockwise to remove the blade disc; from here you will easily be able to swap the blades over on your lawn mower. After changing the blades simply re-fit the blade disc by tightening the centre bolt in a clockwise motion.

Lastly, to change the oil you will require an oil service kit. To change the oil you will need to remove the dipstick, then by using the siphoning syringe suck all the oil out of the tank. Replace this oil with fresh oil whilst checking the dipstick to be sure not to overfill the machine.

After changing the air filter, blades and oil you can now re-fit or replace the spark plug. Place the spark plug in position and start to tighten until finger tight; from here you can tighten the spark plug completely with a deep socket. Once the spark plug is in position re-fit the ht lead and your service is complete.

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