Why a Masport Chipper Shredder is the way to go...

Masport chipper shredders are not only reliable, affordable and of decent quality, but offer a wide range of features and useability. These machines are great for the avid gardener, who wants to clean up and create their own mulch or compost for their gardens. Not only can these chippers reduce material to fine mulch and break down branches comfortably, but the optional bar grate is designed to avoid clogging of damp material, leaves and foliage. The 6hp chipper shredder features the bar gate standard and is optional on the 5hp chipper shredder.

Masport chipper shredders feature either a 5hp or 6hp OHV I/C Briggs and Stratton engine, 9 flail blades, double chipper blades, 50mm² chute and a heavy steel construction. These machines are easily moved around your garden as they feature wheels and a handle. Both these machines weigh 80.5kg and come with a two year warranty.

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