Ride on mower or zero turn mower for your block?

Both ride on mowers and zero turn mowers are available in various engine power ratings i.e horsepower and kilowatts, cylinder configurations and cut sizes. Every brand of ride on mower also has different strength components to cater for domestic or commercial use i.e engine, transmission and deck strength. Across the market you will also find a number of manufactures who produce either or both pressed and fabricated decks.

Before choosing any of these features you will first need to establish which style of machine best suits your block; ride on (tractor) or zero turn mower.

Considerations to take in account:

Sloping block:
Conventional tractors with a diff lock tend to handle steeper slopes far better than zero turns. Zero turn mowers have rear wheels which drive independently of each other. This can lead to slipping on steep slopes. Zero turn mowers are also not suitable fro mowing sideways on slopes; the front rear wheels turn 360 degrees and will pull down the slope, forcing the operator to continually reposition the machine.

Trees and fences:
If you have a large area of open lawn or trees that need mowing around, a zero turn mower will be more beneficial for you. It will cut nicer, faster and easier than a tractor would. However a tractor is easier to manoeuvre up and down fence lines.

Land conditions:
If you have soft soil or slippery land a tractor would be best suited to the job, as you are less likely to spin the wheels and damage the grass.

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