Fabricated or Pressed Deck?

Fabricated decks are typically built from heavier plate steel and is welded together to form a deck. Fabricated decks are more often used in commercial applications or on machines designed for rough conditions. Fabricated decks will have superior rigidity over pressed decks as they are often built from a thicker gauge of steel.

Stamped decks are typically lighter and the mower deck shells are formed in moulds and presses. These presses used to form the deck are usually not strong enough to stamp out a thick gauge of steel, hence why pressed decks are usually lighter and not as strong. However there are some differences in material quality (composition of the steel) that can also affect the strength of the deck. Stamped mower decks frequently have better air flow and are flexible in their capabilities. Taking this into consideration it is still always a good idea to research the gauge of the steel used on the mower deck for a complete comparison.

A fabricated deck would be recommended for rough properties where more damage is expected due to rocks or tree roots etc. If your property is sloped you will need to keep in mind the added weight of a fabricated deck as this weight will put extra stain on the transmission and engine of the machine.

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