Advantages and disadvantages of a self propelled lawn mower

There are a range of benefits to a self propelled lawn mower. Benefits include their ease of use and less effort required to use than a standard mower. Self propelled lawn mowers are also a great intermediate option if your yard is too small for a ride on mower, but too large for a standard push mower. Self propelled lawn mowers work best when used in large, broad and clear areas. Their biggest advantage is obvious on sloping ground; all the work is taken out of pushing a lawn mower up slopes / hills on your property.

One of the disadvantages of a self propelled mower is that they and more costly to repair or service. They also weigh a fair amount more than a standard push mower; if the drive was to fail, it would not be ergonomic to push around the yard due to it’s weight. Therefore it will be crucial to repair the lawn mower in this situation. Self propelled mowers are not as maneuverable / nimble as a standard push mower; in yards with curved edges, trees and tight spaces this type of mower will not be ideal.

Before purchasing a self propelled lawn mower, it is a great idea to evaluate your yard to establish if this type of mower is the best mower for your mowing needs.

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