Domestic, landowner or professional?

What is the difference between domestic, landowner and professional; common terms when talking about power equipment.

Domestic equipment is built for the home owner, the standard suburban block, home handy man and small tasks. Usually this equipment has less power, smaller bars, blades, power, cut sizes and therefore cheaper. There is nothing wrong with having smaller of everything as these pieces of equipment are built for a purpose and if your needs fit this category then there is no reason not to buy.

Landowner equipment is built for consumers with acreage or decent land size, or medium tasks. The machines for these users are generally larger than domestic equipment, have larger engines, larger cut sizes, bar and blade sizes. They are designed to be worked harder and for longer duration of time.

Professional equipment is built for the contractor, commercial applications; where the equipment will be used each and every day for hours at a time. These machines are in the highest price bracket as they are usually designed and manufactured to receive a fair amount wear and tear and be put under heavy load. They will be built from stronger more durable materials to have longevity.

Having said all this there are a number of machines that are covered by both the domestic and landowner category, the same as landowner and professional can blend.

To buy the right piece of equipment for the job you need to assess the situation you are buying for and choose a piece of equipment to match the job. Choosing something cheaper may save you money at the time but could cost more in repairs, labour and frustration.

Choosing something a little excessive for what you need, will only open the possibilities you will have with the machine, however it will come at higher price tag. Choosing the right chainsaw, blower or mower is really in your best interests.

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