The New Cox LawnBoss Ride on Mower

The new Cox LawnBoss has undergone a few changes since its previous models before it. You will notice the colour of the machine has changed to a dark grey; this colour is cheaper to produce and keeps the cost down on this model. The engine that has been fitted is now a Briggs and Stratton 15.5hp and Cox have done away with the removable front skirt. Below is a detailed outline of the machine.

The engine in the new Cox LawnBoss is a 15.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. This is a 500cc 4 stroke electric start engine. The engine is splash fed, not a full pressure system; meaning it does not have an oil filter. This engine is more than powerful to run this machine for what it was designed for. This Briggs and Stratton engine has a 2 year warranty.

Front End
The LawnBoss runs a fully fabricated & welded chassis and solid front axles for durability on rough ground. This is the same chassis that is featured on the Stockman 4000 series ride on mowers. This machine also features adjustable tyre rode on the steering for durability and better manoeuvrability.

Cutting Deck
The LawnBoss comes in a 32” and 38” cutting deck. These cutting decks are fabricated with a round disc that allows up to 4 swing back blades to be fitted to the machine. Cox have done away with the removable front skirt on both the 32” and 38” cut LawnBoss models. By removing the skirt this machine will now cut better in longer grass.

Drive System
The Cox LawnBoss sports a heel/toe drive system. This means you can easily change between forward and reverse without moving and shifting your foot. Both operations are accessed on the same pedal. The Cox LawnBoss runs a hydrostatic transmission; Tuff Torq K46 transmission.

The Cox LawnBoss has a 2 year warranty and starts from $3499 for the 32” cut model.

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