The Great Vanguard Engine

The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine is known for being the lightest and most compact v-twin engine among leading brands. Typical applications of the Vanguard engine include golf and turf equipment, commercial mowers and generators.

The Vanguard is an excellent engine to consider when either buying a new machine or re-powering an existing one. The actual operation of this engine is very similar to many others but the thing that sets it apart is the quality of materials used to manufacture this engine. While other engines may be wearing out or breaking internal components in a few years, the Vanguard keeps going.

The Vanguard engine is a great choice for re-powering a machine because of its compact size which makes it easier to fit in to the old engine cavities or into small spaces like carpet cleaning vans etc.

The Vanguard v-twin engine features a Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve to ensure a long engine life and improved oil control. The Vanguard engine features a full pressure fed lubrication system with spin on ail filter and is also fitted with an oil cooler to reduce oil temperature and improve lubrication.

The heavy duty air filter reduces engine and oil temperatures by 25-30 degrees while efficiently managing airborne debris.

The angled ports in the head of the engine optimise mixture preparation for improved efficiency, smoother idle, lower emissions and more power. With both the Magnetron electronic engine ignition system and mechanical compression release you can depend on quick smooth easy starting and instant power after starting.

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines are built in Japan and are backed by a 3 year worldwide commercial warranty.  The Vanguard engines are now available on Husqvarna’s new range of ride on mowers and zero turns.  You can’t beat a Vanguard engine for reliability, performance and longevity.

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