Husqvarna Ride-on mowers and zero turns now powered by Kawasaki

One year after releasing their new TS and TC range of Husqvarna ride on mowers, powered by Husqvarna Endurance engines and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines, Husqvarna has dropped the Briggs engines in favour of Kawaskai engines. The new range of Husqvarna ride on mowers and zero turns are now powered by Kawasaki V-Twin engines. The only models to remain powered by Briggs engines are the TS138 and TC130.

So why the change? Is their really a benefit to changing to Kawasaki engines? Briggs & Stratton vs Kawasaki which engine is better? We will attempt to answer some of these questions below:

Why change from Briggs to Kawasaki?

Arguably Kawasaki has a better reputation for quality and longevity than Briggs & Stratton. This is mainly due to the reputation of the Kawasaki FS and and Kawasaki FX commercial engines which are used on well know commercial zero turn brands like Toro, Hustler, Husqvarna MZ and Husqvarna PZ zero turns, Gravely, Ferris etc. It is to be noted however that the Kawasaki engines fitted to the new Husqvarna ride-on mowers are not the commercial Kawasaki engines but rather the Kawasaki FR or residential engines. These are not commercial engines but they don’t cost as much as Kawasaki commercial engine either. Regardless the Kawasaki FR engine is fitted to other brands like Hustler and has an excellent reputation which is well deserved. In our opinion the move to Kawasaki engines will enhance the Husqvarna brand and will complement their range of ride on mowers and zero turns nicely. The move to Kawasaki engines also has the added benefit of forcing the removal of the Smart Switch push button start, back to a key start with a separate manual choke. This system is by far a better option and will reduce issues the old Z242E, TS242 and TS246 had with hot starting.

Briggs & Stratton vs Kawasaki engines which is better

When you compare apples with apples there is very little difference between the Briggs and Stratton endurance v-twin engines and the Kawasaki FR engines. Both brands of engines are very reliable and have very few warranty problems or service problems. The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines are arguably better quality than the Kawaskai FR engines, however no matter which brand you purchase, you can expect quality and reliability from both Briggs and Stratton and Kawasaki engines. The debate as to which one is better will ultimately come down to personal preference.

In conclusion, we welcome the addition of Kawasaki engines to Husqvarna’s ride on mower and zero turn range. We remember some of the first YTH1542XP and YTH2148XP ride on mowers powered by Kawasaki FH engines very fondly. Many of our customers have owned these ride on mowers for 10 plus years and are still happy with them and in particular the performance of the engine. The wheel has turned full circle (excuse the pun) and we look forward to selling and supporting the new range of Kawasaki engines well into the future.

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