Why you should buy the New Rover Mini Rider Hydro 382/30!

Finally the wait is over! Rover has released a new small and compact ride on mower which is very user friendly and easy to drive.

The Rover Mini Rider Hydro is the ideal size to fit through a standard gate size. An added bonus is the small storage space it will take up in your garage. The Rover Mini Rider Hydro has all the features of the cheaper priced standard Rover Mini Rider with one huge additional bonus, it comes with a foot operated hydro static transmission instead of a 6 speed gearbox. The foot operated automatic transmission is better suited to yards with tight turns and obstacles like trees or garden beds. The automatic transmission will ensure you get your mowing done faster with no need to stop the ride on mower when changing from forward to reverse or changing gears to change your ground speed. The Rover Mini Rider Hydro’s foot controlled acceleration also gives the user more control, allowing the operator to have two hands on the steering wheel at all times.

The Rover Mini Rider Hydro comes standard with a mulching kit which means there is no need for a catcher and very little mess with a tidy finish. It features a 30” cutting deck which halves the mowing time compared to a push mower, but more importantly prevents fatigue and makes mowing a joy! An important improvement to the Rover Mini Rider Hydro is the addition of a LED headlight. This ensures that those of us who are time poor can start our mowing that little bit later in the afternoons and finish up at dusk or early evening.

The Rover Mini Rider Hyro comes with a 5 year domestic warranty which gives you piece of mind compared to similar products on the market.

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