Business Opportunities

Join one of Husqvarna’s largest dealerships in Australia and we’ll help you start your own business with minimal risk!

The Tandem Group was established in 1997 and consists of a number of family owned and operated businesses. We are currently looking for new business partners to open new stores with.

  1. Operate as a franchise.
  2. Charge franchise fees, account keeping fees or any other fees.
  3. Expect you to have previous business experience.
  4. Require any payment for goodwill.
We DO:
  1. Offer a 50% shareholding in the new store.
  2. Provide expertise and training for new business partners.
  3. Provide store design and stocking models.
  4. Ensure you buy stock at the best price using the Tandem group's buying power.
  5. Provide all administration and accounting support.
  6. Ensure that your investment is fully recoverable via loan account repayments.

For more information on starting a new store with us, please contact our Business Development Director, Ben Klopper on +61 7 3271 6500 or e-mail