Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between four stroke and two stroke engines?
A four stroke engine has a separate sump which holds the engine oil. A two stroke engine requires the fuel and oil to be mixed together.

What ratio of oil to fuel do you recommend for a two stroke engine?
It depends on the type of oil you use. We recommend a good quality 2 stroke oil be used at a ratio of:
(a) 50:1 (100ml of oil to 5L of petrol) for two stroke engines under 65cc
(b) 25:1 (200ml of oil to 5L of petrol) for two stroke engines over 65cc
Before mixing your oil and fuel please refer to the manufacturer’s specifications of the product.

I have found a cheaper price than your website price, can you match it?
We are always willing to match or beat a written quote from another supplier on a product we stock. Please visit one of our stores or contact us if you have found a cheaper price.

My trimmer line keeps snapping, do you have any recommendations?
We recommend using a 100% nylon line without any recycled plastic content in the line. Thicker line is not always better as it will reduce the head speed of your trimmer and may result in excessive wear and tear on your trimmer’s clutch and/or gearbox.

Do I need to use chain and bar oil in my chainsaw, or can I use engine oil instead?
We recommend that you only use proper bar and chain oil in your chainsaw. The aforementioned oil is specially designed to stick to the bar and chain, and is the right viscocity for the oil pump of your chainsaw.

Which lawn mower should I buy for my size block?
The size mower you should choose depends on:
a) The size of your block
(b) The type of grass (thick or sparse, broad or narrow leaf)
(c) The time you spend mowing
As a general rule of thumb, if you mow for 30 minutes or less we would recommend a smaller size engine of 148cc or less (approximately 3.5hp). We would recommend a larger size engine of 158cc or more if you mow for more than 30 minutes.

What is the difference between a straight shaft brushcutter and a trimmer?
A straight shaft brushcutter is equipped with a gearbox and many are also fitted with a clutch. Most brushcutters are capable of being fitted with a steel blade and are used for trimming edges as well as clearing larger overgrown areas. Trimmers are not fitted with a gearbox and cannot be fitted with a steel blade.