Frequently Asked Questions

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Servicing & Repairs

How often should I have my equipment serviced?
We recommend that you have your equipment serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year.

Can I use ethanol fuel in my equipment?
We do not recommend the use of ethanol fuel in any of your equipment. We recommend that you only use normal unleaded fuel or premium unleaded fuel.

Does petrol have a shelf life?
Fuel has a shelf life of approximately 3 months unless a fuel stabilizer is added. We would recommend that you replace your fuel every 3 months. With a fuel additive or fuel stabilizer the shelf life of your fuel can be extended for up to 2 years.

Can I use marine two stroke oil in my 2 stroke trimmer or chainsaw?
No. Marine two stroke oil is not suitable for air cooled two stroke engines.

Where can I have my equipment repaired or serviced?
You can book your equipment in for servicing or repair at any of our stores. Alternatively there are over 400 Husqvarna servicing dealers Australia wide who can service and/or repair your equipment.

Do you charge to quote on a repair?
Sometimes. If our mechanics need to spend time pulling apart your equipment and diagnosing the problem, there is usually a quote fee of $40. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, the $40 is then considered as a deposit towards the cost of the repair, and is not an extra cost on top of the repair. If you decide to purchase a new product instead of repairing your old one, the $40 is then considered a deposit towards your new product and we will deduct $40 off the price of the new product. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair and do not purchase a new product, the $40 is not refundable.

How much does it cost to repair my equipment and how long does it take?
There are too many variables to know how much a repair will cost and how long it will take. It all depends on what exactly needs to be fixed, the cost of any spare parts needed, the time it will take to order the parts in, the time it will take to perform the repair, and the queue of repairs our mechanics could be currently working on. We always endeavour to have your equipment fixed ASAP and our new online job tracking system makes it easy for you to keep up to date with the progress of your repair job.