It is important when purchasing a demolition saw, power cutter or concrete saw that you consider your purchase carefully. Using the right tool for the job will result in quality work and the maintenance of safety standards.

You should consider the following factors before purchasing a concrete saw:

  1. Electric or petrol? Electric concrete saws are preferable for working indoors where fumes need to be kept to a minimum. Petrol concrete saws are preferred for outdoor use and on sites where there is no electricity supply.
  2. Water kit. Purchasing a concrete saw with a water kit attachment will help to eliminate unnecessary dust and ensure the cutting blade remains sharp by reducing heat caused from friction and washing the dust off the blade reducing abrasive wear.
  3. Correct diamond blade choice for your application. Not all diamond blades are the same, make sure the blade you purchase is suitable for the material you are cutting.
  4. Cutting depth. Ensure the concrete saw you purchase will cut to your required depth.
  5. Horsepower. Make sure the concrete saw has enough power to cut the material you require to the depth you require.
  6. Weight. Ensure you are comfortable with the weight of the concrete saw you purchase. If necessary consider purchasing a trolley for long floor cuts.

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