Honda Needle
  • Honda Needle
  • Honda Needle
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Description Carburettor needle
Manufactured in Australia
Suits Honda
Part number CAM3120
This is a non genuine Honda carburettor needle. We offer FREE shipping on this product.
Needle fits the following model engines:
  • G100, GV100K1, GX100 and GX110
  • GX120K1 and GXV120
  • GX140 and GXV140
  • GX160K1, GX160T1 and GXV160
  • GX200
  • HR194, HR214 and HRA216
  • HRU173, HRU194, HRU195, HRU195D and HRU196
  • HRU214, HRU215 and HRU216
  • UT215
Suits Various Honda engines
Manufactured in Australia
Part number CAM3120
Replaces OEM part number:
  • 16011-ZE0-005
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