Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
  • Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator
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$ 2299.00
RRP $ 2399.00
Type Silent inverter
Max output 2400 W
Rated output 2000 W
Max kVA 3
Rated current 10.4 A
Weight 26 kg
Warranty 3 Years
The Yamaha EF2400iS silent inverter generator is a powerful unit producing a massive maximum power output of 2,400 watts. We recommend this generator for use in motor homes and camper vans where extra power is required for running air conditioners, larger fridges, freezers or ovens. The aluminium die-cast frame and smooth design lines with minimal interruptions ensure easy access to the oil filler cap and air filter, and convenient access for oil changes and other servicing.
  • Powerful 171cc, 4 stroke engine
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve
  • Double coil system for better fuel economy and lower noise
  • Dual AC outlets
  • Pulse width modulation control for voltage and frequency stability within 1% and 0.1HZ
  • Long 9 hour run time
  • Brushless alternator
  • Automatic decompressor for easy starting
  • Smart throttle, automatically adjusts engine speed to match load resulting in greater fuel efficiency
  • 12V DC charging out for charging batteries (charging cables included)
  • Centralised control panel for easy access to controls
  • Fuel petcock reduces fuel contamination by turning fuel off to the carburettor
  • Large fuel fill access reduces fuel spillage
  • Oil alert prevents engine damage
  • AC overload protection for alternator
  • DC overload protection
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • TwinTech capability, allowing the connection of two EF2400iS generators for 4800 W of power
  • Durable die-cast aluminium frame
  • Fuel gauge
  • Rubber vibration isolation feet for smooth operation and noise reduction
  • Lightweight, only 15.6kg
  • Made in Japan
  • 3 Year warranty
Type Silent inverter
Rated voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum output 2400 W
Rated output 2000 W
Maximum kVA 3 kVA @ cos 0.8
Rated kVA 2.5 kVA @ cos 0.8
Engine type 4 stroke OHV
Displacement 171cc
Maximum output 4 Kw
Starting system Recoil
Noise level 54 dBA, 59 dBA at 7m
Length 53 cm
Width 42 cm
Height 46 cm
Weight 26 kg
Pros :Simply put, this generator is awesome.It is quiet and provides enough power for my needs. It wont run a big AC unit but it surely delivers the juice.We recently had a 4 hour power outtage and I got to put it to the test. I ran a power cord from the generator sitting outside and in to my house. I plugged in my 55 inch TV, Stereo receiver, DVD player and Digital cable box. I plugged in several lights to keep the house lit up... No problems at all. We watched movies until the power came back on. I bought the generator for camping but this little test proved that it is more than I need when in the bush. While having my gear plugged in it ramped up a little but was quiet enough not to disturb my neighbors. highly recommend this generator. Get the bigger unit if you have more power needs, obviously.
Cons :None
Reviewed By : DR

Pros :Great product, very easy starting 1-2 pulls. Not to heavy for one person to move around. Very quite, runs A/C, microwave with no problems. Very good value.
Cons :None
Reviewed By : anon

Pros :Everything about this piece of equipment feels quality. It feels well designed and engineered. While I was hesitant to pay the much for the rated power when cheaper generators are readily available, I knew right away my money had been well spent..As for the noise levels, yesterday my wife asked me who I was speaking to outside. I told her I was showing the neighbor our generator. She asked me if I was going to run it for him. It had been running the entire time. From inside the house, she heard our conversation over the generator! think the clean inverter power will be much easier on my electronics and appliances.
Cons :Key start would have been a good feature
Reviewed By : MARIPOSA

Pros :Received my generator in perfect condition. It was well packed and was very easy to set up. The start up procedure is simple to follow in the instructions. Have used the generator on a couple occasions (about 4 hours each time). Easy to start and amazingly QUIET (running in economy mode)!!! Used at a football game and had several people come up to me and comment how surprised they were that it was so quitet! I haven't pushed the 1000 watt rating yet, but I can't imagine any issues. My only improvement suggestion to Yamaha was to make the oil filling process easier. They provide a funnel (of sorts), but it is a bit difficult to gauge a proper fill without overfilling. Just have to add slowly. Overall, it far exceeds my expectations.
Cons :bit hard to fill with oil
Reviewed By : newyamahaowner

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