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Introducing the Stihl iMow® – so you don’t have to.

Stihl’s new robotic mowers are designed not just to mow your lawn but as an added bonus, the continual fine mulching and frequent cutting helps promote lawn growth whilst ensuring most weeds are kept under control as they are unable to establish themselves within the lawn.

Two models available

Currently Stihl has released two models to the Australian market.

RMI 422 P
Suitable for a maximum lawn area of 1,500m2, and a slope of 40% gradient (~22 Degrees). The Stihl RMI 422 has a cutting width of 20cm and to mow the entire 1,500m2 it will take approximately 25 hours of mow time. The RMI 422 P is powered by 18.5 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries with a total capacity of 4.5Ah. Cutting height can be set between 20mm to a maximum of 60mm. For more information you can view the details of the machine here.

RMI 632 P
Suitable for a maximum lawn area of 4,000m2, and a slope of 45% gradient (~24 Degrees). The Stihl RMI 632 P has a cutting width of 28cm and to mow the entire 4,000m2 it will take approximately 40 hours of mow time. The RMI 632 P is powered by 29 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries with a total capacity of 6.8Ah. Cutting height can be set between 20mm to a maximum of 60mm. For more information you can view the details of the machine here.

Is my garden suitable for an iMow®?

An iMow® can be installed in most gardens however there are certain things to consider when deciding to purchase a robotic mower :-

  1. Can the mower access the entire garden?
    If the grassed areas are continuous without obstructions then the iMow® should be able to get to most places. If there are concrete slabs or paths that the mower needs to cross this can still be done provided the path / concrete is level with the grass. Installation may entail cutting channels through these surfaces to allow the guide wires to be laid and then back filled with silicone. Special ‘gates’ (which are created by shaping the guide wire) can be included in the installation and the mower programmed to traverse these corridors to ensure that all areas are cut. Gates and very narrow corridors (less than 1m) can cause problems with getting the mower through.
  2. What about trees?
    Large trees that drop branches can cause a hazard to the mower. These branches need to be collected before the mower starts it’s mow cycle as, depending on the size of the branch, they may cause damage the blade. Exposed tree roots need to be identified prior to installation and may need to be excluded from the mowing area.
  3. What is a guide wire and how is it installed?
    Guide wires or perimeter wires are the wires that are installed to define the mowing area. When an install is completed by one of our staff we use a special cable layer which buries the cable approximately 50mm into the ground, other options are to peg the wire on top of the ground which will then disappear down into the grass in approximately 3 weeks of normal growing conditions.
  4. What about the docking station?
    The docking station is where the mower returns to recharge and where it waits whilst it is not mowing. The docking station needs to be placed on a flat surface no more than 7m from an out door power supply. The docking station does not need to be located within the mowing area (it can be placed up to 12m away from the mowing boundary) however there must be clear space to either side of it – minimum of 40cm to 44cm either side depending on model of iMow®.

For more information please see the product listings.

Who we are

We are a group of family owned businesses specialising in selling and servicing of all types of power equipment. We sell and service a range of products that cater for the consumer with a small back yard or townhouse to a large commercial landscaper.

The main brands we sell in store are Stihl, Ferris, Cub Cadet, Rover, Victa, Briggs and Stratton and MTD. All our staff have undergone training in product knowledge, spare parts lookup, parts interpretation and after sales service.

All our stores are equipped with modern workshops and staffed by trade qualified, factory trained technicians for all the brands we sell. We also service a range of construction equipment and are an authorised repairer for a limited range of Wacker Neuson products.

Finance Info

Interest free finance is only available on items purchased at Recommended Retail Price. Interest free finance is not available with any other offer, including but not limited to, trade-ins, special promotions, free product give-aways and package deals.

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In all our stores and on-line, we offer Humm (previously known as Certegy Ezi-pay and Oxipay). We also offer Zip Pay currently only at Richlands Mowers & Chainsaws.

Finance for larger items
In all our stores we offer Humm and Skye. Should you wish to apply for Skye finance to use in the stores please use the links below for a faster purchasing experience.
Apply for finance with Skye to be used at Beenleigh Pump and Mower SuppliesApply for finance with Skye to be used at Central Mowers IpswichApply for finance with Skye to be used at Richlands Mowers & Chainsaws

At Richlands Mowers & Chainsaws we also offer finance with Latitude Financial Services encompassing the Latitude GEM Visa, GO Mastercard and CreditLine cards.

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