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Things to consider before purchasing an edger

Below is a list of things we recommend you consider before buying your next edger:

1. What size yard / lawn will you be edging?

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the lawn you are edging, the larger the lawn edger you will need.  If your lawn is larger than 300 m2, we recommend the use of a more powerful edger which is easy to push and manoeuvre.

2. Would a petrol or electric edger be better suited to your requirements?

Petrol edgers are generally more powerful than electric edgers and much better suited to larger yards and lawns. Electric edgers are typically lighter than petrol models and are better suited to smaller yards or more infrequent use.  The maximum extension cord length which we recommend you use with an electric edger is 30 meters. Longer extension cords may result in a drop in voltage and damage to the electric motor of your edger.

3. Would you prefer a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke edger?

2 Stroke edgers are generally lighter than 4 stroke edgers.  2 Stroke edgers require the mixing of oil and petrol.  We recommend the use of a good 2 stroke oil, like Husqvarna 2 stroke oi.  The oil should only be mixed with unleaded petrol. The ratio we recommend is 50:1, 100 mls of oil to 5 litres of petrol.  We do not recommend the use of E10 or ethanol based fuels.  4 Stroke edgers, while normally heavier that 2 stroke edgers, have the advantage of using straight unleaded petrol and are normally more powerful with more torque.

4. What type of blade should your edger have?

Some cheaper models of edgers like those found in hardware stores and Bunnings, are fitted with plastic blades. We strongly recommend that you purchase an edger with a steel blade.  The more blades your edger has, the finer the cut and more tidy the finish on lawn’s edge.  Remember, steel edger blades can chip concrete and may damage your driveway, wall of your house or retaining wall if you are not careful.

5. Would you prefer a one, three or four wheeled edger?

One wheeled edgers are very easy to manoeuvre and are great for edging around curves and obstacles. Three and four wheeled edgers are more stable than one wheeled edgers and are better suited for long straight edges.

6. What weight of edger would you be comfortable with?

Weight is a very important consideration to take into account when choosing an edger. Most gardens do not have continuous edges and may require you to move your edger from one area to another.  Weight is a particularly important consideration to take into account in tiered gardens where you may be carrying your edger up or down stairs. Make sure you “try before you buy”. Pick up the edger up to ensure you are comfortable carrying it.

7. How easy is the edger to start?

It goes without saying that an edger which is difficult to start will be a source of frustration. Make sure you ask the sales person to start the edger in the store.  Try starting the edger yourself before purchasing it. Some edgers like the Atom edger have an easy start function which makes for easy starting with little effort.

8. Do you require an edger with a tilt function?

If you are considering purchasing a three or four wheeled edger we strongly recommend you purchase one with a tilt function. This will allow you to trim taller grass along the wall of your house, fence or retaining wall.

9. What is the difference between a belt or shaft driven edger?

A belt driven edger has a rubber belt which runs between a pulley connected to the engine crankshaft and a pulley connected to the blades. The belt prevents shock damage to the engine when the blades come into contact with a solid object, for example a rock or concrete. Shaft driven edgers have the advantage of not requiring replacement belts, however if the blades come into contact with a solid object, this can result in damage to the shaft and a costly repair.

10. Does the edger have a large range of height variations?

Every lawn varies in thickness. It is important that the edger you buy cuts deep enough for your requirements and has a range of different height positions to give your lawn the look you want.

Lawn edgers make edging your lawn easy.  A neatly edged lawn always looks great.

We hope you found this article useful.  If you have any more questions regarding lawn edgers please send us an email or call us.



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