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Top 10 things to consider before purchasing a pump

  1. Determine what type of pump you require, a bore pump, centrifugal/jet pump, petrol pump or transfer pump.
  2. How much pressure does your pump system require?
  3. What flow rate does your pump system require?
  4. The elevation height the pump needs to pump the water / fluid to.
  5. What is the friction force of your pump system?
  6. What is the total pump head you require for the desired flow rate?
  7. What is the viscosity of the fluid you will be pumping?
  8. Are replacement spare parts easily available for your pump?
  9. Will you pump be sitting outside in the weather, does it require a stainless steel casing?
  10. Is the pump energy efficient, especially if it will be used on a regular basis?
For a more detailed information on the above, please click here.