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Top 10 things to consider before purchasing a zero turn mower

  1. The size of the block you will be mowing.
  2. The condition of your block, are you mowing lawn or undulating, rough, rocky ground?
  3. Is your block flat or sloping, what degree slope will you mow?
  4. Is it necessary for your lawnmower to have a brake?
  5. Will you feel comfortable without a steering wheel?
  6. What size cutting deck should your zero turn lawn mower have?
  7. What size engine (horsepower) would be suitable for your block?
  8. Do you require an oil pressure fed engine for your application?
  9. Do you require a pressed cutting deck or a fabricated cutting deck?
  10. Do you require a hydrostatic or hydraulic drive system?
For more detailed information on the above, please click here.