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Top 10 things to consider before purchasing a lawnmower

  1. What size yard are you mowing?
  2. Would you prefer an electric, cordless or petrol lawnmower?
  3. Would an alloy chassis or a steel chassis be better suited to your yard and conditions?
  4. What engine size would be suitable for your yard?
  5. What size cutting width would you prefer?
  6. What weight of lawnmower would you be comfortable with?
  7. How easy is the lawn mower to start, would you prefer a key start petrol engine?
  8. Do you prefer a catching mower or a mulch and catch mower?
  9. Would you prefer a self propelled lawn mower so you don't need to push?
  10. Would swing back blades or a bar blade be better suited to your yard and conditions?
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